What We Do

Virtual CISO Stream
We don't just offer a single cybersecurity program; we provide a complete vCISO experience that is designed to help you implement and maintain an effective cybersecurity program without complexity. We are ready to bring cimplicity into your organisation.
Roundtable & Training Facilitation Stream
We train, teach, and facilitate amazing events and more intimate sessions to discuss business, industry, and growth for your business with like-minded people. We make sure you experience engaging and productive sessions, gaining valuable insights to make well-informed decisions once you have left our table.
Advisory Board Services Stream
We have a network, both internally and externally, of the industry's brightest minds who aim to provide strategic advice and guidance to your company and its leadership.

Our advisory boards aim to achieve scope clarity, establish a solid structure, define metrics for measuring success, and, of course, provide Simplicity with a 'C'.

About The Cimplicity Institute

Muugi ni mutaare’ (Kikuyu/Gĩkũyũ) | A sharp mind is advised.

‘Mtu mwenye busara ni yule anayesikiliza ushauri’ (Swahili) | A wise person is the one who listens to counsel.

Africa has a long history of seeking counsel from trusted individuals and elders in our communities. From free-thinkers to our village eccentrics who have always provided new and interesting ways to explore and engage with the world. We wish to do the same for you

The Cimplicity Institute is a forward-thinking firm that believes in only one thing: bringing Simplicity with a ‘C’ . We provide leaders with unique skills, temperaments and experiences to help you get unstuck.

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What's in it for you?

  • Great ROI by providing you significant value for your cybersecurity investment through a vCISO for a fraction of the cost.
  • Great guidance, allowing you to demystify the complexity and have cimple repeatable formulas and solutions.
  • After everything is completed and checked, reviewed, and verified. We do not sail into the sunset, we are still there to have a coffee and chat when you need us.  We are your strategic partner for life.


A discussion around the vCISO role and what it means for Africa

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